Trips, whether near or far from home, are meant to put you at ease and make you forget about your worries. There is nothing that brings serenity more than mother-nature. It helps us bond with our innermost self and experience the best that this planet has to offer. Who does not love seeing tranquil snowcapped mountains, deeply seated calm waters, beautiful wild animals, wonderful manmade inventions or beautiful falls? What better way to see these things than going sightseeing?

In Baltimore, you get best sightseeing opportunities. Experience pure bliss by viewing the awesome natural and other manmade features in the region. Get your mind blown away by the cool aura that Baltimore has to offer. Here are some of the best places to go sightseeing in Baltimore.

Inner Harbor

This is a historic place in Baltimore that you cannot afford to miss. This sightseeing hub harbors the city’s most pleasurable sites. Inner harbor is home to the Maryland Science Centre, the National Aquarium, the American Visionary Arts Museum and a very rich historic culture. Let’s take a closer look at the sites you ought to visit in the Inner Harbor.

  1. The National Aquarium

This is one of the most stunning sites in Baltimore. It is home to many aquatic creatures among them fish, dolphins, rays and house sharks. The aquarium has a 4D immersion theatre, a 35 foot waterfall and a Living Seashore touch pool. This aquarium is not only a great place for children to enjoy a day out, but it is also an awesome place for adults. It feels like the ocean and you get to view 17000 creatures all in one place.

  1. The Maryland Science Centre

Want a good IMAX film or Planetarium show in Baltimore? Head to the Maryland Science Centre. Here, you will have the opportunity to know how science applies in your everyday life and also engage in a lot of activities.

  1. The neighborhoods

The neighborhoods in Baltimore are home to the oldest houses in the city, some that were residences of Baltimore’s wealthiest people back in the day. In these neighborhoods, you will find the liveliest waterfront communities. If you have only seen a cottage in a picture, Baltimore neighborhoods offer you the perfect chance to see cottages with your naked eye.

  1. The USS Constellation

Tour the decks of world’s famous and historic ship docked in Baltimore. The Constellation, a US navy ship played a great role in ending slave trade. This ship was operational in both world wars.

  1. Ripley’s Believe it or Not

You cannot claim to have been in Baltimore if you do not visit the home of world’s scariest stunts. The auditorium here has 10 galleries and of course you would not want to miss their 4 D moving theatre.

  1. Camden Yards

This is a baseball only facility. It has a modern art ball park and it preserves the tradition and history of the game. Visit this site and learn all there is to learn about the history of Negro Leagues in Baltimore.

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Popularly known as one of the busiest, largest, hardiest, and rich-cultured, Chicago is one destination you should consider visiting at one point in your life. Any time you feel like having fun to the maximum, this windy stay will always give it to you. Do you love running away from the city, and enjoying the serenity of nature in an urban environment? Chicago is a hotbed of green spaces, whose chattering laughter and unique ambience complement the beautiful look of the amazing skyscrapers. To add to the flavor, the city has innumerable outdoor spaces, historical sites, and exceptional artwork – all which make Chicago the place you need to be, you will always get value for your money.

Are you thinking of food and accommodation? Well, Chicago is home to the best hotels, most of which you cannot find anywhere else. Below is a best Chicago hotels that will never disappoint.

The Peninsula

You cannot think of luxury, and fail to think about The Peninsula, Chicago. This is a ritzy icon that is widely known for its wide collection of modern and ancient art, and you will surely love the glamor that6 they bring along. Treat your hard work by considering their presidential suit, where you will be treated like a king (besides, you control your world.

Their award-winning spa and fitness center can only be defined by one word; gorgeous. Their yummy delicacies will drive your appetite crazy, and regardless of where you come from, this hotel will always have something for you.

Do you love enjoying your time with friends around fireplaces at night? If you do, this is the place you need to be. You will drink, dance, and have utmost fun, besides, life is short, and you should make the best out of it while it lasts.

The London House

Well, talk of a blend of a beautiful hotel and classy restaurant – the answer is the London House, Chicago. Sitting comfortably on the Chicago River and the Michigan Avenue, this is undoubtedly a heaven on earth. This is the only hotel in Chicago where you will have the tri-level rooftop bar experience. Their rooms are specious, and you will get all sort of cutting-edge equipment that will make your stay memorable including flat-screen TVs that will carry you away from the factual to the fictional world, free Wi-Fi, and most importantly, commodious working spaces. If you want a breath-taking view of the city, some rooms will give you that from their large window, and give it to you in abundance.

The James Hotel

The James Hotel is simply a combination of elegance and luxury. It is located on the North side of Chicago River off the Michigan Avenue. If you are an art fanatic, the quality and number of artwork you will see here is overwhelming, and you will surely be in a home away from home. It features all the elements you need in order to make your stay in a hotel comfortable including a steakhouse, craft cocktail lounge, a spa where you can get a full service, and a fitness center that operates 24 hours a day. Oh…not to forget the toothsome meals prepared by the best chefs in America! What else could you be looking for in a hotel?

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If you think that socializing, dancing, entertainment, and maximum fun is only found during the day, then you have not experienced Atlanta at night. This is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and the glamor is accelerated with fun when night falls.

Atlanta’s nightlife is an experience you should dream of. From the glittering night clubs filled with singles looking for soul mates, to the awing concert arenas filled with mind-blowing live performance, Atlanta is the ideal place to be when others are asleep. If you want to convert into a night owl for a good reason, this city will carter for you, and will never give you nothing short of the best.

Whether you are a fan of dancing and dancing, or you need to drink all night and watch curvy strippers entertain you, below are the best places that will give you the Atlanta night life you have always desired.

The Laughing Skull Lounge

As the name suggests, this is the ultimate place you will take your seat and laugh you mind all night long. This is a top-rated comedy club, and one of the best in Atlanta for that matter. With a 74-sitter capacity, you are guaranteed that if you secure a spot, you will interact one-on-one with who is who in the international and local comedy industry. This is the place where you will get humor at its best, while enjoying your best beer.

The MJQ Concourse

Well, sometimes, you will need to get out of the earth surface and get underground to seek for fun, and MJQ Concourse is here to ensure that you get the best Atlanta nightlife experience underground. Apart from being a club, it is more or less a historic icon, since it is regarded as one of the longest serving clubs in Atlanta. Here, you will have your favorite drinks, socialize with people from all walks of life, and dance to the tunes of the best DJS on the planet if you need your favorite music played, give your request to the DJ, and you might be lucky!

The Opera Nightclub

Being one of the most popular nightclubs in Atlanta, it is always filled to capacity, but this should not deter you from going in. it is a spacious club, with voluminous dance floors, and debauchery areas. An important thing to note here is that most tables in this club are reserved, and you might need to dig deeper into your pocket to get a spot in one. However, its lavish lounge area and outdoor pool will undoubtedly give you value for your money, and give you the nightlife you deserve.

The Clermont Lounge

This is now the giant in the room. You cannot mention Atlanta at night and forget to mention the Clermont Lounge. This will be an injustice to Atlanta’s nightlife. This is a place where you will interact with opinion leaders in society, including famous Hollywood stars. The number of natural, friendly and entertaining strippers is overwhelming, and you can stay lest assured that when you visit this place, you will have a short but eventful night. If you love singing, showcase your talent to the shockingly wide crowd every Tuesday, which is the ultimate Karaoke night. However, take caution, don’t take your kids to this club, it is strictly a strip-club and only adults are allowed.

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skiing in denver co

What Is So Great About Skiing In Denver Colorado?

skiing in denver co

A pair of skis, a little snow storm, and speed are the top three ingredients of a good time filled with excitement and thrill. This is skiing and it is said to be one of the most exhilarating sports there it. Although the sport might not be for everyone, but at least ever person should experience what its like to go on a good ski trip. Putting it on the bucket list surely won’t hurt.

Colorado is probably the state that is the closest thing to heaven for skiers. Its climate is so perfect that it produces the most perfect, light snow. Three hundred out of the 365 days a year is sunny. Because it is a tourist destination area, it has a wide array of resorts that cater to everyone’s need even if they are on a budget. You can even come across various types of terrain. I mean, what more can a skier ask for? Although there are off-seasons in each tourist destination spot, Colorado is just one of those places that truly captivate the hearts of people because of all the beauty in its nature all year round.

The majority of people that get attracted to Colorado are usually skiers and snow boarders, but this place is a popular tourist spot due to its wide range of resorts that offer entertainment for the whole family from exquisite restaurants to the best clubs for partying. The easy part is waking up and deciding to go to Colorado for a ski trip. What’s hard is when you have to narrow down your choices of places to see because there is just too many of them. Colorado has so much to offer!

This article aims to help you make the best out of your time in Colorado.

Colorado is said to be the number one ski destination in North America.

It is said to be the best destination for skier because of its wide array of skiing locations. The climate, as it was said earlier, creates snow in its finest condition and you have all types of terrain to choose from. Not everyone who goes to Colorado aims to ski and therefore there are several other places to see and enjoy with the family, too such as the Colorado Springs Zoo.

Here are a few reasons as to why Colorado remains to be the best sport for skiers:

  • It has all kinds of resorts that cater to evryone’s need, be it a budget-friendly place or the most luxurious resorts money can buy.
  • Colorado is said to have ski seasons far longer than other places
  • The activities offerd is not limited to skiing only becasue they also have horseback riding, sledding, horse-drawn sleigh riding, skating, shopping, dining and many more.
  • Expect to find yourself in the highest of altitudes with the best of all varieties of terrains.

What Is Vail?

Ever heard of Tiffany’s? Most people have heard of it, but only very few have visited yet the amount of respect they have for the name is beyond anything. This is similar to Vail. Not many people have been there, but they know of the quality and they respect the name. Get a hold of the list of the most well-known resorts in the whole world and expect to see Vail Ski Resort in Colorado. Its location is a hundred miles west of Denver right along Interstate 70.

The town where this resort is located is called Vail. The town of Vail has its very own regional airport and therefore, if you find yourself annoyed with the chaos in Denver’s international airport or if you do not feel like driving the treacherous, icy pass going to Vail then you can always just fly directly to their airport. This town has a pedestrian village situated at the ski mountain’s base.

Golden Peak, Vail Village, and Lionshead are said to be the three bases of the town and they are all connected via the largest transportation system in the country. This means that going around will not only be easy, but it is also free of charge. Every single base offers a wide array of activities to choose from including dining, shopping, lodging, and strolling with the whole family while enjoying the beautiful scenery the mountains have to offer.

What Is The Largest Resort In The Country?

Vail Ski Resort is incredibly massive occupying about 5,286 acres. Because of its size, it contains a selection of different terrains that skiers can choose from within the resort itself.

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3 ladies at the beach

Going to Merida and Guadalajara, Mexico?

3 ladies at the beachGuadalajara and Merida are both capitals of Mexican states Jalisco and Yucatan. Each of these Mexican states houses nearly a million citizens. Merida has an average temperature of 91° F while Guadalajara is not as hot during the summer. The temperature along with its cultural architecture and truly lovely plazas and rose gardens is the reason why this country is one of the most popular tourist destinations around the world.

Getting to Merida is quite easy because of the international airport right in the middle of the city. Once you can reach the city, it would be easy to get around with its superb bus service. This unique service reflects similarly to the bus service in Guadalajara and other Mexican towns. Their bus services have climate control as well as reclining seats, video monitors for entertainment, pillows and blankets as well as a bathroom.

Merida has no trains, but instead of those, buses, taxis, and rental cars will be there to carry your around the city especially to the Gulf of Mexico. Also, you should expect to pay less than the usual price in the U.S. for buses and taxi rights.

The Love of Animals

Everyone will love Zoologico Guadalajara especially those who have an affinity towards animals and wildlife. The zoo and ecological center in one has an area of 34 hectares. It has a petting zoo, herpetarium, aviary as well as a museum. In this zoo, you will find up to 2360 various animals and species. You will have a choice between walking and riding the train to see the sights for sure.


If you have a penchant for unique dishes, you wouldn’t want to miss the cuisine in Merida. Because of the separation between mainland Mexico and Yucatan because of geography, cuisine evolved as well. You will find dishes that have a variety of influences from Spanish and European roots.

Must Sees

Centro Historico is one of the sites that you would not want to miss in Merida. This name translates to the Historic Centre. In Guadalajara, they have the Calandrias or a bright yellow carriage pulled by horses. These carriages will be able to take you around the city while you sit under the canopy of bright lights on all sides. You can also rely on your coach as a tourist guide so be sure to chat with him during your travel.

Ancient structures dating back to the 1500s can be seen around the cities. You will find a lot of museums and art galleries that will reflect a wealth of culture and beauty. This place also houses contemporary artwork from both locations. These islands are also littered with gift shops and theaters.

You will experience everything from the sand, food, language and the culture in these Mexican cities. You would not want to leave Guadalajara in Merida as soon as you come to visit and learn more in the end.

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cruise ship

Problems During Your Cruise – Are You Entitled To Compensation?

Cruising is indeed a very enjoyable vacation experience, but it’s certainly not without its occasional problems and mishaps.  Despite your highest hopes or the best intentions of the cruise line and its staff, something might actually go wrong during your cruise.

It could be one of several scenarios:

  • Your luggage somehow gets lost (or dropped in the ocean during embarkation)
  • You contract the Norovirus onboard, then subsequently confined to your stateroom
  • An itinerary change occurs
  • You don’t like the food served in any of the dining venues onboard
  • You experience problems with your stateroom (plumbing issues, broken furniture, odor, noise)

You’ve spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on this vacation, and expected a problem-free good time.  This issue has you disappointed (and possibly a little pissed off.) The problems you experienced may have ruined your entire vacation, and now you feel the cruise line should pay.  At this point you may be asking, “I‘m entitled to some compensation for my trouble, right?”

The honest answer is:  Maybe.  Then again, maybe not.

Whether or not a guest should receive compensation is determined by a number of factors, and even that can vary depending on the cruise line.  Of course, there are several instances where compensation is warranted.  Here are some examples:

  1. Stateroom issues.  Problems with plumbing, electricity, cleanliness, and general operation are usually granted compensation immediately (depending on company policy).  The type and amount is usually determined in part by the severity and the number of days the problem occurred.
  2. Quarantine due to Norovirus.  If a guest contracts the Norovirus during the cruise, he or she is quarantined and confined to the stateroom for a period of time.  Many cruise lines offer compensation to the guest based on the number of days he or she was confined to the stateroom.  (Keep in mind, this compensation may not apply to anyone who opted to stay with the ill guest but were not subject to the quarantine.)
  3. Missed days of cruise due to delayed/cancelled flights (applies to Air/Sea guests.)  There are some instances when the cruise line compensates guests that missed a portion of their cruise due to a delayed or cancelled flight, provided the air arrangements were made through the cruise line.  The compensation amount can vary depending on the itinerary, length of cruise, and number of days missed.
  4. Cancelled sailings.  If the cruise line has to cancel an entire sailing (due to circumstances that are normally considered “under its control”, like ship mechanical issues), oftentimes it offers additional compensation on top of the full refund of the cruise fare it issues its guests.  Because of the negative impact a cancelled cruise can cause, the cruise line aims to retain these guests and entice them to rebook for a future sailing versus the guest booking with another cruise line.
  5. Poor service.  If you were subjected to issues like inedible food, an impolite (or downright rude) staff member, excessive noise in your stateroom, or other related issues, this is definitely a qualified complaint.  A service failure committed by the cruise line is a failure of the company’s promise to you as the consumer.

Complaints that are subjective in nature generally don’t qualify for compensation.  So, if you thought the décor was gaudy, hated a particular port of call for personal reasons, or you didn’t care for the food served in the main dining room, it’s pretty safe to say you won’t be granted compensation.

Here are a few other instances that may not qualify for compensation from the cruise line:

  1. Pricing/product issues with third-party vendors.  If you were dissatisfied with your spa treatment or feel you were overcharged for a painting you purchased onboard, you’ll be referred to the vendor for resolution.  The vendor will determine if compensation is warranted and will issue it if it’s granted.
  2. Itinerary changes.  For cruisers, at least 50% of the reason they take a cruise is for the itinerary.  However, because an itinerary change may become required at any given moment (at times against the will of the cruise line), itineraries can’t be guaranteed.  This is detailed in the cruise ticket contact, thus releasing the cruise line from liability.  They may offer compensation in an extreme case (a natural disaster, for example) but aren’t required to do so.
  3. Not reporting a problem while onboard.  You may have had water leaking from the bathroom in your stateroom or had a broken air conditioner the entire trip.  Generally, those issues are eligible for compensation.  But for some cruise lines, that’s only if you reported the problem while onboard the ship.  In these cases lines, waiting until after the cruise is over to lodge your complaint is considered a forfeiture of compensation – even if you were entitled to it because of the issue.  Some lines will check the Purser/Guest Relations log for the sailing in question to verify if you reported it before responding to your complaint.
  4. Being denied boarding.  If the denial was warranted, not only will you not be given compensation for missing the cruise, you most likely won’t get a refund either.  If you were denied boarding due to negligence on your part (wrong documents, no visa, illegal substances, etc.), you’re out of luck, as well as the money you paid for the cruise.

It’s important to remember is that compensation provided to a guest for a bad experience is generally handled on a case by case basis most times.  This is not an exhaustive list, but a highlight of some of the more common occurrences.  Thousands of guests have sailed multiple times without ever having an issue.   Hopefully you’ll have the same experience.  If you’re not as fortunate, though, now you have a better idea of what to do, and what to expect.

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travel journal

Create a New Kind of Travel Keepsake with a Travel Journal

travel journal

While we love our pictures and videos of our travels, sometimes we want to try something new to create memories.  Looking for something new and intriguing to capture those moments? Start a travel journal!

Keeping a travel journal or diary is not just for seasoned travelers or professional writers.  It doesn’t have to be fancy or sophisticated, either.  You can write it just for yourself, or share it with others (via a community forum or friends & family).  Your travel journal gives you the ability to reflect upon the thoughts and feelings you experienced on your trip, page by page.

The thought of starting (and maintaining) a travel journal may sound intimidating, but it’s actually quite easy.  Since there aren’t any hard and fast rules to making one, you have complete freedom to create and design your journal any way you want – do what works for you!

Here are some basic tips to jumpstart your travel journal:

  1. Make your travel journal one of your necessity items on your packing list. Remembering to take one with you is already a step in the right direction.  Keep it with you in a carry-on bag so that you can start documenting the experience as soon as you head out.
  2. Write about the first thought or feeling that struck you when starting each journal entry.  If you were amazed at the sight of the Eiffel Tower, write about it.  If you were confused about an item you saw while touring the Smithsonian, jot it down.  If you met he nicest flight attendant ever, or encountered particularly rude customer during your bus or train ride, write about it.  Documenting what you first felt or thought during a particular experience gives you the chance to capture the essence of that moment while you’re still in it.  It helps solidify the memories of the experience in your mind, and gives you a point of reference to return to time after time.
  3. Write in your journal daily, and date each entry.  Even during a full day of tours and excursions, writing something in your journal (even if it’s only a couple of quick notes) helps you to keep the flow going of chronicling your travel experience.  Dating each entry is simply just to keep track of each day and the experiences you have.
  4. Use pictures or other memorabilia to attach to each journal entry.  Your travel journal can double as a scrapbook when you attach items like pictures, ticket stubs, theme park wristbands, or other items of importance to each entry.
  5. Use your free time to write in your travel journal.  Maybe you have to take a cab to get to your destination, or wait 15 minutes for the next shuttle bus to transport you from the theme park to the parking lot where you parked your car.  You may even have to wait a few minutes to be seated for dinner at a restaurant in town, or you’re admiring the skyline as the cruise ship pulls away from the pier.  These and other instances provide great writing opportunities for your journal.  You can really get into writing about your day, and pass the time while you wait.

Whether your travel journal will be for your own personal use, or you plan to include it in a magazine or a blog, be sure to write down however it is you’re feeling in those moments as well as what you experienced.  It’ll prove to be one of the best ways to share your experience and relive the moment.  Once you get started, you’ll likely ask yourself why you didn’t start one sooner.

Happy trails (and happy writing)!

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