Going to Merida and Guadalajara, Mexico?

3 ladies at the beachGuadalajara and Merida are both capitals of Mexican states Jalisco and Yucatan. Each of these Mexican states houses nearly a million citizens. Merida has an average temperature of 91° F while Guadalajara is not as hot during the summer. The temperature along with its cultural architecture and truly lovely plazas and rose gardens is the reason why this country is one of the most popular tourist destinations around the world.

Getting to Merida is quite easy because of the international airport right in the middle of the city. Once you can reach the city, it would be easy to get around with its superb bus service. This unique service reflects similarly to the bus service in Guadalajara and other Mexican towns. Their bus services have climate control as well as reclining seats, video monitors for entertainment, pillows and blankets as well as a bathroom.

Merida has no trains, but instead of those, buses, taxis, and rental cars will be there to carry your around the city especially to the Gulf of Mexico. Also, you should expect to pay less than the usual price in the U.S. for buses and taxi rights.

The Love of Animals

Everyone will love Zoologico Guadalajara especially those who have an affinity towards animals and wildlife. The zoo and ecological center in one has an area of 34 hectares. It has a petting zoo, herpetarium, aviary as well as a museum. In this zoo, you will find up to 2360 various animals and species. You will have a choice between walking and riding the train to see the sights for sure.


If you have a penchant for unique dishes, you wouldn’t want to miss the cuisine in Merida. Because of the separation between mainland Mexico and Yucatan because of geography, cuisine evolved as well. You will find dishes that have a variety of influences from Spanish and European roots.

Must Sees

Centro Historico is one of the sites that you would not want to miss in Merida. This name translates to the Historic Centre. In Guadalajara, they have the Calandrias or a bright yellow carriage pulled by horses. These carriages will be able to take you around the city while you sit under the canopy of bright lights on all sides. You can also rely on your coach as a tourist guide so be sure to chat with him during your travel.

Ancient structures dating back to the 1500s can be seen around the cities. You will find a lot of museums and art galleries that will reflect a wealth of culture and beauty. This place also houses contemporary artwork from both locations. These islands are also littered with gift shops and theaters.

You will experience everything from the sand, food, language and the culture in these Mexican cities. You would not want to leave Guadalajara in Merida as soon as you come to visit and learn more in the end.


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