Travel is an important part of everyday life for many people. It couple a simple visit to your grandparents place who lives an hour’s drive away, an intense cultural expedition to the Galapagos, or a historical exploration across the Caribbean of the Pacific rim – travel is interesting. Travel is important.

The mission of this blog is to capture the essence of travel, and present it in a casual yet informative way. It’ll cover the big stuff, like excursions to Europe, African Safaris, and top travel recommendations and advice. But we’ll also cover not-so-often discussed topics, like a traveler’s wish list, surprising facts about travel, and funny faux paus that make one’s trip a memorable one.

Written from the perspective of a travel lover with personal and professional experience, this blog will discuss, review, even poke fun at all things travel. Even topics like food, music, art, and exercise will be travel related.

If you’re a travel enthusiast, or looking for a good reason to get started traveling, stick around for a while. It’ll be worth it. 🙂